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  • When will you ship my order?
    I will make and process most orders in 1-10 business days. Commissions may take longer.
  • Where are your products made?
    I make 99% of my products in my own shop! I do the design work, the print work, all the assembly, and the packaging all my self. I make my own acrylic charms, patches, prints and more and if you want to make your own, I can do that for you too!
  • Are your dice balanced?
    This is a complex question to answer so let me break it down by style: 1. Sharp or round edge dice with painted objects inside (pokemon, fish, bees, etc) - I have never tested them in salt water, but I have had several clients tell me they have tested them and found that they ARE balanced. I will give it a YES. 2. Sharp or round edge dice with flowers inside - I have never tested them in saltwater, and none of my clients have reached out to tell me they have tried testing them either. They appear to roll fine to me but there is a chance that they MAY be very slightly unbalanced, as natural materials are less predictable. IF one of these dice is not weighted properly, It most likely tips towards evens or odds and NOT toward high or low due to the way the numbers are laid out. For example, if a 10 sided dice of this style is weighted, you would be more likely to roll 1,3,5,7,9 than to roll 2,4,6,8,10, but you would NOT be more likely to roll a 1,2,3 than a 8,9,10. I will give it a MAYBE. 3. Potion bottle dice - These ARE balanced. Both the solid and liquid core styles ARE balanced. You can check out videos explaining this and showing salt water tests on my social media. I will give it a YES. 4. liquid core dice - The liquid core does not effect the roll, These ARE balanced. They have an orb filled with water in the center and the water moves freely without sticking to one side. I will give it a YES. SOMETIMES MISTAKES HAPPEN. With hand made dice there are sometimes bubbles, scratches, and other issues that could effect the balance. IF I believe there is something wrong with a set that could effect it, I will notate this in the product description, usually with great detail (ie: the d6 has a small internal bubble that could effect the roll) and it will have a flag on the listing that says discounted. on these I will give it a NO or PROBABLY NOT depending on the individual case.
  • Do you take commissions?
    Yep! Shoot me a message from the contact page!
  • How long will shipping take/do you ship international?
    Shipping in the US is usually around $5 and takes 2-5 business days and shipping to all other contries is usually around $15 and usally takes 2 weeks.
  • When will you restock?
    As soon as possible. I know dice are a popular item. They are very time consuming to make. I work on them every day but I am only one person. I cannot predict when they will be ready because it depends on my commission to shop products ratio and what I am making (liquid core potion dice take 8 hours of sanding and finishing work so they do not restock more than one time in a week). If you would like to set up a commission, feel free to contact me so you dont have to wait for restock. If you want to wait for restock, I suggeset following my social media to see when I will put more in my shop. Sorry, I will not contact you when things are restocked, you just have to watch my shop. I also do not allow reserved orders outside of commissions. By that I mean you can commission me to make a set of custom eevee dice (you pay and then I will create it just for you the way you want it.) but you cannot reserve the next set of eevee dice I made to put in my shop because if 5 people want it, it is unfair to give preferential treatment to one person.
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