***THIS IS A PREORDER. Meaning you will not get your order until I have made it and I make them in the order they were placed. The current wait time is beyond the normal 4-6 week wait for dice. Please expect a wait time that could be as long as 3 months. I am working hard to shorten that wait time but I am just one person so I appreciate your patience.***

Full set of 7 liquid core potion bottle dice. They are permanently sealed and do not open. Clear oil and brown liquid with black beads at the bottom that all move freely with gravity.

It’s meant to resemble boba milk tea and the cork is scented!

(I have made the milk tea color slightly paler to look more accurate and added a multicolor option with matcha, taro, mango, milk tea, strawberry, banana, and blueberry colors. Images coming soon

Boba tea liquid core potion bottle dice PREORDER