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A magnetic shaker charm of a living room scene that you can open with a plug and keychain ring. (You need at least one of these. It holds everything. It is NOT optional)

A custom charm insert of your pet.

An optional custom pet toy charm insert.

Directions: make your purchase then use the chat bubble on this page to open the messenger. Send me a photo of your pet looking crazy and their toy if you bought one. Feel free to tell me details as well like (he has a spot on his nose, her eyes are green, he’s very small, she has a stubby tail) to make sure I get it right if it’s not clear in the picture. Yes you can send more than one picture if you need to show details or have a good pose. It will auto link to your order. I will draw it and reply to the message with my drawing. Once approved I’ll make your charms!

These will ship March-may

I may make some slight changes to the room to improve the design!

Custom zoomie shaker charm

  • Q: can I change the living room background?

    A: no

    Q: can I buy more than one pet or toy with just one room?

    A: yes, simply add a pet or toy to your cart with no room charm

    Q: can you draw ferrets, bunnies, pigs, lizards, rats, birds etc?

    A:yes, I can draw any animal. (A fish would be kinda weird tho)

    Q: what if I don’t like the drawing of my pet?

    A: don’t worry, I will show you the art before I make the charm. I will amend the drawing up to 3 times for free.

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