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If you are buying custom charms from my shop but you don’t have a program to make the file, don’t have time to do it yourself, or it’s a little too hard for you:I can set up your file! This is an optional add on for your charms. If you purchase from this listing, please shoot me an email from the contact us page with the image you want! You can submit any kind of file to me, but it MUST be your own artwork (I will not make charms of stolen art!) You can submit any kind of file this way (jpeg, png, even a photo of a drawing. etc)You will need to tell me: what shape you want the charm, if you want it to be double sided, if you want any translucent printing, and if you want any spot gloss printing. This listing is Per file. If you buy 2 sets of custom charms and want me to set up both files, you will have to buy 2.

File set up service for custom charms

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