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Floating mxtx lantern

This is a hand made traditional wood and paper lantern with my illustrations on it. Includes faux wood electromagnetic base base with a wall plug (US outlet), fully assembled magnetic lantern with internal candle cup, LED battery powered electric candle, and fully assembled lantern lid.

Warning! This product uses a powerful magnet to levitate! Be careful around metal objects and electronics. Remove the lantern from over the base before you plug it in and while it is unplugged.

Tips to set it up:

1- plug the base in first.

2- turn the candle on and place it inside the lantern. Scoot the candle to the center of the cup to maintain the best balance.

3- place the lid of the lantern into its slot. Hold the lantern with both hands by the wood.

4- hold the lantern over the center of the base. slowly move it until you feel the gentle click of the magnets aligning. Then you can let go.

5- give the bottom corner a gentle push to start the rotation.

6- when you are ready to turn it off, remove the lantern first. Then unplug the base.

Floating mxtx lantern

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